A journey’s end

Her face bore scars where, slashed by trees,
she’d bled and felt the sting without
a sound. She’d grit her teeth and push
ahead through dark and pathless woods
despite the weight of weary legs.
All hope to find a pasture where
still waters offered rest was lost.
Her head was bowed against the work
of pushing through the tangled brush,
so she was blind to what might lie
…………………A sudden stream of light,
let in by cracks among the trees
invited her to stop and look.
Her caution held her back for just
a bit, then fell away and set
her free to rush toward the rays
of warmth.
…………………In joy, she threw herself
beyond the forest wall and found
a clearing, cool and lush with grass,
with open skies above and beds
of scented, fruited blooms along
a pure and gentle brook below.