The way

The seeker shifted weight from left to right
and back while waiting on the guide to say
which way they’d walk and how they’d find their path.

The guide approached and put a pair of boots
and walking stick before the seeker’s feet.
“I thought you might have use of these along
the trail.”

“That’s it?” the seeker asked. “No map?
No compass? Did you bring a GPS?”
The seeker laced the boots up tight and held
the stick. “The other guides would lead and tell
me how to get to where I need to be.”

The guide allowed a glance to fall beyond
the line of trees that edged a pathless wood.
“Perhaps they led you where they wanted you
to go. But I can’t tell you where you need
to be. No map can show you where to walk.
The route is only yours to find. I’m here
to help, to keep you safe, to cheer you on.”

The seeker smiled. “A guide who does not show
the course, does not direct?” Then laughed and turned
toward the trees. “Let’s give this way a try.”